Frequently Asked Questions

Why does anybody want to take away my domain name?

In most cases its big companies that sue domain name holders, arguing that the domain is similar to one of their trademarks.

Does the company have the right to take away my domain name?

Only if the domain name holder really wanted to unfairly profit of a trademark or name that belongs to someone else, causing confusion in the consumers, then the claim proceeds.

I just bought my domain name, why do I have to defend it?

Any particular that wants to sue a domain name holder is entitled to take it to trial. Then, is up to each of the parties to prove their legit interest in the domain name. Therefore, whoever does nothing during the trail faces a big disadvantage.

I get notifications on an ongoing procedure, am I going to lose my domain name?

If you don’t have the adequate legal defense, you can lose it. That’s why in Defiende tu Dominio we offer the legal service of defending your domain in these proceedings.

What happens if I ignore the notifications and I do nothing?

You can simply lose your domain name to the complainant. Worst case scenario, you can be convicted to pay the expenses of the trial, but this is infrequent, happening mainly in cases of bad faith registration.

Why is it important to defend my domain name?

Your domain name is your name on the internet. Defending it, you protect as well your trademark, your image on the web, and the positioning of your company or project within the market. Every domain name is unique, and holding it means that nobody else can have that name on the internet.

Does NIC Chile refund me what I payed for my domain in case I lose it?

No. When you register a domain name in .CL you accept the terms and conditions of NIC Chile, that establish the possibility of the domain name conflict, so they don’t refund what you payed for the registration.

Do you provide other services beside domain name defense?

Of course. As specialists in industrial property, we provide advise in registry of trademarks and all the procedure involve, and defense in trademark opposition trials. Also in the creation and modification of private companies.

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