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Legal advice on the defense of your domain name

If you received an e-mail from NIC Chile saying that your domain name is in conflict, it’s possible that they take away your domain name.
Most domain names are lost simply for not having the right legal advise.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name revocation?

It’s a legal action used by big companies, claiming a supposed similarity between the domain name and one of their trademarks. Nonetheless, with a good legal defense, this is not enough for the revocation to succeed.

What is going to happen now?

The conflict will be held before a judge, who will decide which of the contestants is going to keep the domain name, you or the suing company.

What can I do?

¡Defend your Domain! By defending your domain name, you don’t only protect what you’re showing in the internet; you protect as well your trademark, your image or your company’s, and your positioning in the market.

Our Services

We defend your domain

We represent you in the trial for your domain name, for preventing it to be taken away. We value your time, service is provided 100% on-line.

Proven Success

We’ve won over 250 cases against big companies, both Chilean and multi-national. Your domain can be defended regardless of the counterpart.

We’re Specialists

As law professionals, we can assist you as well in the registry of your trademark, and in the creation of your company under Chilean laws.

Guarantee of Success

You only pay the total amount for the defense if we win the case. Therefore, you have absolute certainty that we want to defend your domain as much as you do.

We’ve won over 250 cases against huge companies such as Nestle, Total S.A., Principal Financial Services Inc, Ecolab USA Inc, Good Food S.A., Sun International Ltd., and many more.

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The following testimonials correspond to translations from Spanish:

"Information given was always clear and on time. The following of the process was impeccable, being very helpful in delivering the information in a timely manner and contribute to the success of the process. The whole time I felt supported, and with a partner rather than a service provider. It was evident that they cared about the result as if it was their own domain."

Mauricio Moreno S.Holder of domain name
Complainant: Inmobiliaria Manquehue S.A.

“From the start until the successful end of our defense there was good communication, clarity in the required documents, and stages involved in the process. Another important aspect, clarity and transparence regarding the cost and terms involved. The claim was an uncomfortable situation for us, but their experience gave us tranquility while we awaited the result."

Zvonko Pino VarelaHolder of domain name
Complainant: Future Investments S.A.

"My experience with Defiende tu Dominio was excellent, they were fast and effective in responding whenever we asked something. Always capable of explaining what was happening, no need for meetings. Very clear beforehand with the charges involved, and at a really affordable price. I recommend them 100%."

Camila MonjeHolder of domain name
Complainant: KSB Aktiengesellschaft

"It was a pleasant experience with Defiende tu Dominio. They sent me an email clarifying what was going to happen, and the possibilities of keeping the domain name. It was successful, simple and safe. I recommend them."

Alex Quijada CatalánHolder of domain name
Complainant: Banco Itaú

"They were super clear with the information at all times, they helped me clarify many doubts I had, and above all very affordable. For entrepeneurs it's very important to be able to count on legal advise, trustworthy and at a reasonable price. I recommend the service 100%."

Natalia SobrinoHolder of domain name
Complainant: Sodimac S.A.

"They explained us the problem in a simple way, what was it and how could we solve it. We won the case against the giant Total S.A., represented by the law firm Sargent & Krahn. The service provided by Defiende tu Dominio left us more than satisfied and we strongly recommend it."

Manuel Aránguiz CabreraHolder of domain name
Complainant: Total S.A.

"I recommend Defiende tu Dominio. I hired them in my trial against Nestlé, that I believed I had very little chance of winning, but the result was a success. They are responsable and trustworthy."

Josefina Aguirre UrretaHolder of domain name
Complainant: Nestlé S.A.

"Successful, for the goal was met. Inexpensive, for the charge is low in relation to the importance of holding a good domain that identifies you. And comfortable, for once hired you can rest assured, with no further paperwork or lost time. I recommend them completely."

Manuel León SaáHolder of domain name
Complainant: Clínica Santa María

“My experience with Defiende tu Dominio was a relief, because they took care of everything and for me was one less worry. Absolutely recommended and very confident of trusting their work."

Marina ArrietaHolder of domain name
Complainant: Konrad Hornschuch Aktiengesellshaft

"I realized the good management and the professionalism and seriousness they face the cases. Finally, the defense was won thanks to their good job."

Miguel Jaramillo BoppHolder of the domain name
Complainant: Geotec Boyles Bros S.A.

"My experience was very good. They always answered in a quick and efficient way my questions. They managed to win the case with the evidence that we could gather."

Soraya JadueHolder of domain name
Complainant: Orizon S.A.

“My experience with Defiende tu Dominio was of a very didactic and timely orientation, that allowed me to defend my domain name against a big company in a solid, efficient and successful way. It is one of the few times in which David beats Goliath."

Harún OdaHolder of domain name
Complainant: Construmart S.A.

"Impeccable, top level service. I never thought we could win the trial against a big company, with many possibilities and resources for beating us. Much recommended and very trustworthy."

Jorge AlvarezHolder of domain name
Complainant: Inmobiliaria Numancia Ltda.
Our Team

Andrés Cuche Cartagena


Attorney-At-Law, Universidad de Chile.

JT Herreros

José Tomás Herreros


Attorney-At-Law, Universidad de Chile.


Fernanda López L.


Attorney-at-Law, Universidad de Chile.

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